MYERS COLLECTIVE is a multi-disciplinary design studio based in Los Angeles.
Tapping into our architectural training, Myers Collective starts with a comprehensive vision that provides each project with broad parameters, while at the same time we work contextually to engage a specific use, need, purpose. We design with the philosophy that function should never compromise form, it should only enhance it’s beauty, proportion, wearability and connection with the modern woman. 

We choose clean shapes and pure geometry to provide an elegant backdrop for all aspects of the day; strong silhouettes, intelligent details and minimal branding let our products, and those that use them, speak for themselves. A unique twist to each collection - be it unexpected color, a play on geometry, or a reimagined functionality - make the pieces uniquely personal with a touch of quirkiness.

As our name suggests, we are a collective - a collaborative studio with the experience & appetite for multiple avenues of design. We hope our process and projects continue to touch people at a personal level, to connect with the collective in all of us.
Owner and creative director JENNY MYERS graduated with a Masters in Architecture from Harvard University Graduate School of Design, and has undergraduate degrees in Graphic Design and Environmental Design. She lives, teaches and practices in Los Angeles.
Photography by Jeremy Sachs-Michaels & Myers Collective.
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